Custom Site Hacking Services | Site Penetration Services

The Power of Custom Hacking Expert Services 

Our highly talented team will use our custom hack services to meet your business needs. Whether you are looking for a quick vulnerability assessments, an experienced pen-tester to augment your team for a short-time or a full black-box penetration test, we have the team and skills to support you.

“Effortless and Efficient Security Solutions”

We strive to make the process of securing your business as seamless as possible. With years of experience serving both large and small companies, our tech-savvy team will guide you through the proposal process with ease.

“A Commitment security services / hacking services for Customer Satisfaction”

We believe in delivering outstanding security services / hacking services, not just selling them. That’s why at, we don’t have salespeople. Our commitment to excellence speaks for itself, and our satisfied customers are testament to that. Contact us today to experience the our difference.

How the Custom Site Hacking Services | Site Penetration Services Work Flow:

  1. Contact us at telegram
  2. Provide url for custom hacking.
  3. Get quote from our team.
  4. Pay 50% upfront  (USDT ONLY) and another 50% after verification
    1. Verify by video recording or teamviewer.
    2. After Services complete, the payment must paid within the day.
    3. After payment complete we release the site shell for you.
  5. Note: It is important to always act in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country. We only provide services no involve for any conflicts.