How To Rank Casino / Gambling Website 2022
Casino SEO : 0 to 350,000 Monthly Visitors in 9 Months

Everyone knows that the gambling/casino niche is a billion-dollar industry. The gambling niche is a great income tool for affiliates and marketers.

As we know that gambling is still illegal and many countries have a very strict set of rules and regulations on it.

If you Ever run ads on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or a search engine directly ? Then, you already know that the cost is high, and you may need a cloaking solution, many ads account etc.

Even though they have success running ads through some affiliate partners (adult sites, native ads, etc), the lead/ traffic quality is not great as they are not the “target audience”.

Here SEO comes into play! Google has solid traffic and it is very high quality in leads. You can get an exponential return when your gambling website gets ranked on GOOGLE.

How to rank my gambling site on the first page of GOOGLE?

The answer is easy, by doing SEO. If you are an experienced SEO expert you can do it by yourself. But if you are not, you can hire us to do it for you. We have done it over and over again.

Also, if you are new to this site, this blog is to create for answering some questions that we have normally faced:

”Can I see your casino link samples?

”Are your casino links powerful?

”Can you prove to us your work done?”

”How do you rank my gambling site on top of Google? ”

Case Study: New Casino site from 0 to 350,000 Monthly Visitors in 9 Months

how to rank casino website

#1: Optimize Your On-Site SEO

Yes, same as general niche. Casinos need a good on-page SEO too. First, make sure that your keyword is towards the beginning of your title tag H1. Next, make sure your keyword is inside the content on your webpage.

You can find out your target keyword with any free keyword tool.

Keyword Research Tool suggests:

  • Google Keyword planner.
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword tool

Here are some criteria for your keywords, make sure to rank on keywords that with search volume to bring you visitors, and you can start with (low / medium) keyword difficulty (KD). We will suggest starting from 30-55.

how to rank gambling website

As there are a lot of SEO on-page guides on google, we will not cover everything here.

After optimizing, you can check your on-page SEO Score at for free.  Make sure you get at least an 80+ on-page score before you move on to off-page SEO.



#1 Consistently link building

We have our own SEO link pyramid strategy. This strategy allows us to send powerful SEO link juices to your casino site and increase your backlink index rate and make you rank higher.In a pyramid SEO strategy, we have 3 link tiers.

For Tier 1 (Link that links directly to your site),

We build high-quality webs2, edu, gov, and profile links on it. These links come from very valuable sites and their link powers are great in ranking. They have very high authority in Google. We link our casino PBN link at tier 1 on drip feed mode.  The casino PBN we use will not be cross-linking to each other and we will do remote checkups on them daily to make sure everything is safe.

For Tier 2 (Link that links to Tier 1)

In tier 2, we build many blog comment links, wiki links and directory links to increase the index rate and link power of our tier 1 links. The main goal for tier 2 links is to boost up the page authority score and ensure tier 1 links are properly indexed.

Tier 2 backlinks are very important in pyramid SEO link building. Because they are only indirectly pointing to your website, so you can build a few more links on it. Just to make sure that it is not purely spamming on tier 2 will be good enough.

For Tier 3 (Link that links to Tier 2 )

In tier 3, the backlinks are built to increase the page power for tier 2 backlinks. Tier 3 backlinks we use are mainly blog comment links, forum links, and profile links.

We create massive tier 3 backlinks in a short amount of time and this is the pros of tier 3 backlinks – where you can go as many you want and it would not impact your main money site. In tier 3 you should focus on the number of links. We run tier 3 via GSA 24/7 all day. The reason for being this high of an amount is that the link equity that passes onto tier 2 and tier 1 is very low, so we need to build more tier 3 links.

What Next?

TIME and patience are key. Many people give up too early, on some sites you can see results in 3 months but some may take 6 months or even years to get ranked. You can see our client results, at the early stage, it is 0 traffic at all. But after a few months, once keywords get ranked, the traffic is insane!

Another new site sample👇

So, if you want quick results do not go for SEO, go for native ads, etc. SEO is a long-term business game, your site won’t rank by just from a 1-time purchase in casino PBN link building. You will need consistent link-building and a good casino link-building team.

If you are interested in ranking your site too, feel free to make a chat with us. If you already have a solid SEO team, you can try out our casino PBN link services, we use it for our clients and it is very effective in pushing website ranks to page 1. 

For more gambling link building services feel free to check out at our homepage.